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We have been treating individuals with acute and chronic pain since 1987. During this time it has become clear that pain is not an enemy. It is not something to be feared or to run from. Pain and disease can be gifts which when acknowledged, have the ability to profoundly change our lives for the better. This view often sounds bizarre to those who are truly suffering with disease and chronic pain; but to those who have overcome it, this notion is a reality.

To better understand this idea we need to keep in mind that all human beings are on a journey in search of balance. Balance of body, mind and spirit. Although perfect human balance is likely unattainable, the journey continues. Pain and disease can at times be signals that we have strayed from our ideal course in search of balance. However, pain and disease can just as easily be a part of the mystery of life. An enigma which deserves acceptance not explanation.

Dr. Prado's Bicycle Trip - Bow River - Banff, Canada 2003

Of course pain can be a sign of a potentially life threatening disease or illness. In fact our current western medical model looks at most pain syndromes from this perspective. This "disease first" slant has literally created tremendous fear in our culture. Most individuals who experience symptoms almost assuredly consider the worst possible scenario.This "disease paranoia" is responsible for huge amounts of anxiety. Anxiety...the plague of the western world! In fact, most musculoskeletal pain is either from minor injuries and over-use syndromes or from stress related muscle tension. Pain caused by a serious life threatening condition is a relatively uncommon phenomenon. When you begin to realize how much pain is related to anxiety it is easy to see how our "disease paranoia" only makes pain worse. In these cases the real pathology results from our emphasis on disease, rather than "dis-ease" or imbalance, which blinds us to the potential benefits of pain.

Those who have seen value in a holistic approach to healing have embraced these concepts and have learned to use pain as a "barometer" or signal that they have veered from the path of balance. Those who heed these clues will find that pain and illness are often sources of tremendous growth. Many of us begin by looking at pain and disease as a "lemon" that life has tossed us. Survivors are those who can take the lemon and successfully make lemonade. This web site is about making lemonade. It is about shifting paradigms and looking at life differently. As the comedian Steven Wright would say, its about learning to "skate on the other side of the ice!" Lace em up!


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  • "I have found everyone in the office so kind, knowledgeable and flexible. I would definitely feel comfortable referring others to this office."
  • ""Dr. Benson is absolutely wonderful. I started seeing him at the very end of my pregnancy for back pain. Due to carrying a very large baby, as well as, hoping to aid in opening my pelvis in order to get labor going. Just 2 hours after my second visit early labor had begun and days later our little boy was born. I look forward to returning!!""
  • ""There is no one better than Dr. Pardo, take it from someone who moved out of the state and has never found anyone like him. We miss you Jim! ""