Payment Options

Payment Options

Non-Insurance “Out-of Network” and HSA payments
In this era of high co-pays, extremely high deductibles, or no insurance coverage at all, many patients now have limited or no insurance coverage and find it a challenge to maintain their health and still keep on top of their ever increasing expenses. Our office offers numerous options for patients who find themselves in this position:

1. Non-Insurance Patients: Patients who have NO insurance coverage and who pay us in full at the time of service we can offer a 20% discount off of our regular fees. We can do this because in these cases we do not have to process insurance claims and do not have to wait 60 – 90 days for payment. Remember, Chiropractic care is always a valid Health Savings Account (HSA) expense.

2. Wellness Care: Patients who commit to a regular monthly “wellness adjustment” will be charged only $55 per visit. This fee does not apply to the care of acute injuries that require re-examination, electrical stimulation or extended consultations.

3. Payment Plans: We realize that the early stage care of an acute injury or pain syndrome can be expensive with multiple visits in a short period of time. In these cases we are happy to offer our patients customized payment plans. We are always willing to work with patients who would like to extend their payments out over a reasonable period of time.

We encourage all patients to check with their insurance carrier to determine their chiropractic benefits. As a courtesy to our patients we will process all insurance claims, but ultimately all patients are responsible for payment of charges incurred at this office. If the Doctor does not participate with your insurer you may still have coverage through an “Out of Network” benefit. Check with your insurance carrier. Payment is required at the time of service. For your convenience we accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa or Discover. We also accept “Health Savings Account, (HSA)” payments for Chiropractic care and prescribed nutritional supplements. A 1.5% per month interest charge may be added to all past due accounts but will NOT be added to “Payment Plans” when regular payments are maintained.

Medicare Reimbursement of Chiropractic Services
This office does not accept assignment of Medicare payments. However, we will submit a bill to Medicare for you. This means you will be required to pay us at the time services are rendered and Medicare will send any reimbursement directly to you. Medicare will only reimburse for the charges that they feel are medically necessary. After Medicare processes your claim they in turn should submit to your secondary insurance (if applicable). Although Medicare requires that all chiropractic patients be examined and sometimes x-rayed, Medicare WILL NOT pay for these services when they are performed, or ordered by, a chiropractor. Medicare WILL NOT pay for manipulations or adjustments to areas other than the spine. Adjunctive therapies such as: electrical muscle stimulation, trigger point or manual therapy, therapeutic exercises or ultrasound are not covered when provided by a chiropractor. Medicare will partially pay for SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS ONLY.

At Pomperaug Chiropractic we believe in the value of wellness care for you and your family and payment plans that allows care for all budgets. Our office participates in most insurance programs. We also accept auto accident and workers compensation cases. For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, customized payment plans can be arranged. To learn more about our payment options for chiropractic and wellness care, you can call our office directly.

For your convenience we except:
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