Holistic Lifestyle Change Course

A Holistic Lifestyle Course That
Will Change Your Life!

Our country has begun to realize that the misery and cost of chronic disease is just too much to bear. We are ready for change and intuitively have begun to turn back to the natural lifestyle of our ancestors - a lifestlye which includes an abundance of exercise, natural foods and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.

This four part course was originally created for the Osheer Life Long Learning Institute at the University of Connecticut where it was described as "life-changing and inspiring!". Join Dr Jim Prado as he takes you on an intriguing and empowering evidence-based journey sure to spark change in your lifestyle. Although the life-saving miracles of high-tech medicine are at times necessary to restore lost health, this course demonstrated that Nature provides all that is necessary to maintain optimal health.

Our ancestors and their lifestyle have evolved over milliions of years. Unfortunately, as civilization has journeyed through the industrial age and beyond, much of the accumulated wisdom responsible for health and survival has either been lost or forgotten. Our contemporary culture has chosen to exchange a "natural truth", long measured by our ancestors, for the "synthetic truth" of science and technology. Paradoxically, it is contemporary science that has begun to bring us back to the natural truth and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Dr. Prado draws on contemporary research that acknowledges the rapid growth of lifestyle-related chronic disease and supports a low-tech, natural approach to lifestyle modification as a means of reducing the burden of chronic disease.

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