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WHAT IS THE THERAPEUTIC LIFESTYLE CHANGE (T.L.C.) PROGRAM? Perhaps we should start by stating what the TLC is NOT ! The TLC program is not a diet. Diets are temporary, often unscientific, fad-based ways of eating for the purpose of obtaining a goal body weight.. Unlike diets the TLC program is based on the latest research that supports a gradual and permanent change in the way we eat, sleep, exercise and manage our stress. The TLC program uses high-tech testing including sophisticated blood tests along with low-tech waist to hip ratios, height and weight to customize a lifestyle change program best suited for each individual's unique physiology which allows our patients to achieve and maintain their optimum state of health.

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM THE TLC PROGRAM? Many individuals who are attracted to the TLC program are frustrated with years of obesity and unsuccessful dieting while others are highly conditioned athletes who are looking to optimize their athletic performance.

WHAT IF I DON'T CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE? Studies have shown that Americans suffer from more lifestyle related chronic conditions than any other group. These conditions include:

● Obesity
● High Cholesterol
● Fatigue
● Hypertension
● Inflammation
● Chronic Pain
● Arthritis
● Metabolic Syndrome
● G.I. Disorders
● Sleep Disturbance
● Anxiety
● Insulin Resistance
● Diabetes
● Attention Deficits

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? The T.L.C. program is a true lifestyle change program. Our successful patients are committed to a life of holistic balance. In other words, the program never ends! For most of our patients however, 3 - 6 months of intensive consultation and education is enough to give them all the tools they need to be successful. Following the initial intensive period most patients follow up on a monthly basis for monitoring, counseling, and further testing when indicated.

WHAT WILL IT COST? The TLC program is a highly individualized program so there is no single fee schedule that applies to every patient. Some patients may need more individual counseling while others may need specific nutritional supplements. Office visits fall under the category of "Holistic/ Preventative Counseling" and are NOT reimbursable by insurance. Any laboratory testing would be billed by the lab directly to the patient or their insurance carrier. A typical office visit during the early intensive phase of the program would be approximately 60 minutes and would cost $200. Supplements, supplies and Lab tests are additional.

HOW WILL MY PROGRESS BE MONITORED? We utilize both high-tech and low-tech methods to monitor the progress of our patients. Prior to the first visit our patients complete detailed intake forms which allows our doctors to develop an individualized program specific to the patient's needs while simultaneously providing a baseline of symptoms for future comparison. On the initial and subsequent visits height, and weight as well as waist and hip measurements are taken. Blood tests are ordered when beginning the program and at specific intervals. Additionally Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, or B.I.A., is used to accurately determine percentages of body fat, lean body mass and hydration as well as other parameters that gauge overall health such as intra and extra-cellular fluid levels.

WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW? This program is education intensive and is meant for those who are ready to commit to a lifelong process of change. As part of the program each patient is supplied with a compressive book which will guide them through the process of transforming their lives. Additionally, the 8 - CD set of Dr. Prado's life changing course, Holistic Healthcare: Contemporary Science Discovers Ancient Wisdom, is recommended as it outlines the science which supports a natural lifestyle as the means toward optimal health.

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